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President Obama and Prime Minister David Cameron spoke briefly prior to their meetings. The two men sat next to each other, each backed by their countries flags. Their staffs were also in the room. They seemed relaxed.

President Obama said he wanted to congratulate his "good friend and partner" on his election victory. Obama talked about the Ukrainian crisis and the "importance of maintaining the sanction regime. He said he still believed that there could be a "peaceful and diplomatic solution" to the Ukrainian crisis but said that the U.S. and its European allies would have to "stay vigilant" and focused.

Obama indicated that he and Cameron would talk about what's working and what's not with regard to the ISIL fight and would also discuss terror issues in Libya and Nigeria. He expected that trade and climate change would be on the agenda.

Cameron boiled down the issues that unite the two countries to two words: "prosperity and security.

Here's a rough transcript with the help of Colleen McCain Nelson:

As you said, Barack, there are so many issues to discuss at this meeting and bilaterally. We are a very close partnership, the partnership between Britain and the United States …. They all really come down to two words: prosperity and security. It’s what we want for our people back at home, which is a chance for jobs and also a chance at greater security.”

He said that whether it’s the situation in Ukraine or the fight against extremist terrorism, “it’s about keeping people safe back at home.”

He cited the need for trade deals and “also the deal on climate change is going to be important for our future.”

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