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The pool was ushered into the well appointed 7th floor apartment of hedge fund investor Jonathan Soros, scion of wealthy investor and progressive cause funder George Soros.

Soros, introduced Obama to the crowd as they dined on some unidentifiable -- but definitely delicious looking -- fair.

Soros hosted “one of the very first fundraisers I did in New York City … They were early angel investors,” Obama said at the top of his remarks, who made brief remarks to the several dozen donors and lawmakers gathered in the room.

A few highlights below:

On the budget and bipartisanship in congress:

I signed a budget today. Now, this is not everything, it’s not all done. There are specific spending bill that need to be delivered

“But the fact that we can anticipate going through the next year and a half without manufactured crises and without a weakening of the economy … The Republicans worked with Nancy (Pelosi) and Harry (Ried) and the white house. And that’s how it’s supposed to work

Riffing on Chris Rock talking about guys bragging about taking care of their kids or not going to jail, Obama quipped that “There is an element of a low bar of passing a budget and making sure the full faith and credit of the united states are sustained. But there is something to be said for doing that.”

Pointing to increases in employment, efforts to combat climate change, and Obamacare, Obama argued that “across the board we can say unequivocally … yes” you’re better off than seven years ago.

Still, this being a Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee event, Obama warned the Manhattan donors that “the reason this election is so important is that we have to be able to protect the gains that we have made, and we all know how much work we need to do” on issues like infrastructure, education, climate change.

“Our work is not done … its not enough for us to just elect a democratic president. I will don everything I can to make sure we elect a democratic successor … [and that person] will need a democratic house.”

“we’re not going to get that done if we have [Senate Majority Leader] mitch mcconnell controlling the agenda … on any item you care to think about here, having a congress that is serious about the things that we care about is vital.”

“I need people to feel a sense of urgency about the congressional elections” and “not every democratic nominee is going to embrace your pet cause … so we kind of loose track of them. But I’ll tell you what. Having Nancy Pelosi as speaker makes a difference.”


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