Fw: Travel pool report #2 - 1/7/16

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Air Force One touched down in Jacksonville, Fla., at 5:44 p.m.

POTUS, now wearing a white button down shirt and long black trench coat, emerged at 5:53pm. and quickly hopped into a presidential SUV.

During the flight from JBA, co-pooler Philip Rucker of Washington Post - who had the best view from an aisle seat- spotted POTUS sitting at a conference table and watching the Oakland Raiders play the Houston Texans in the AFC wild card game on ESPN. The game was being broadcast on a big-screen TV in a staff section of the aircraft visible from the press section.

At one point, POTUS flipped open a digital tablet and appeared to be pecking away at the screen. (Your poolers could not tell if it was an iPad or another similar device.)

Also at the table: Secretary of State John Kerry, dressed in a tux, and several others your poolers could not identify.

Per WH, also on board:
Brian Mosteller, Director of Oval Operations
Greg Orme, guest
Bobby Titcomb, guest Hassan Chandoo, guest

A number of the Secret Service agents are wearing black tuxedos with bow ties.

Motorcade is rolling to wedding at 5:56pm.

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