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Deputy press secretary Eric Schultz answered questions during the flight, which is about to conclude. A couple of items of news:

On the budget deal, he said POTUS had set out a number of tests for a deal – that it be fiscally responsible, adequately fund defense and other priorities (education, job training, research), avoid a shutdown, provided balanced sequester relief.

“We feel like in each of these places, this a budget deal that meets those tests.”

“Obviously this is a compromise” he added. “Not everyone in this situation is going to get everything they want.”

“We believe this a budget framework that meets the president’s vision.”

Some color/views on the process: “unlike in previous budget agreements, this was a process that the President and the White House was heavily engaged in, the President made a number of calls throughout this process to leaders of both parties in the House and in the Senate. Those calls started in earnest around early to mid-September.”

Asked about next items on the legislative agenda, Schultz pointed out that “one of the president’s priorities, cybersecurity legislation, seems to be moving through the senate today, so that’s another piece of legislation that we are encouraged by their progress on.”

On today’s speech there were some outlines in the previous pool report, but Schultz said POTUS would make a number of points, he would; thank law enforcement, push for criminal justice reform, address the problem of gun violence “there is probably no more appropriate place to do that than Chicago,” and he will talk about “the need to rebuild trust between law enforcement and the communities they serve.”

Schultz addressed questions about the recent comments from the FBI director. “The available body of evidence does not support the notion that law enforcement officers around the country are shying away from doing their jobs.”

On the South China Sea, Schultz did not confirm or deny any ongoing sail-by, but said that “freedom of navigation operations serve to protect the rights, freedoms and lawful uses of the sea and airspace, guaranteed to all nations under international law.”

“Our freedom of navigation operations do assert any special US specific rights.”

On reports in the Washington Post that the president has received a recommendation to send special forces to Syria on a more continuous basis, Schultz said “As the President has made clear, we have no intention to pursue long-term, large-scale combat operations like those our nation has conducted in Iraq and Afghanistan. But we do however retain the ability to conduct limited operations with partners as opportunities allow” – he pointed to the jail ops with the Peshmerga as an example.

Schultz also announced that on Monday November 2 the president will travel to Newark, New Jersey “to highlight the reentry process of formerly incarcerated individuals.” Hey booker Baraka

The White House says there were no lawmakers on the plane.

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