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Thousands of people lined the narrow streets of Kenyatta University as President Obama's motorcade snaked through en route to Safaricom arena.

Most of them appeared to be students, within arms reach of the motorcade vehicles. They were cheering, smiling and waving. Some held American or Kenyan flags.

Some wore white T-shirts with black lettering that said "Nairobi County Welcomes Barack Obama" or "Welcome to Kenyatta University." In one parking lot, a group of young men had climbed into the back of a dump truck and were standing in there to watch the scene.

There were signs hung throughout the campus featuring Mr. Obama's image. "It's a privilege to host you sir" read one.

As the motorcade left the university grounds at 11:34am, people started to chase the vehicles. Some were running across the street, in front of the press vans.

A bridge connecting the campus to the other side of the busy street the motorcade turned onto had a massive sign that said "Welcome President Barack Obama to Kenyatta University."

On the main road, thousands more people were lined up along the 10-minute drive.

They clustered at a gas station, stood at the edge of street markets. Some of them waved or recorded the motorcade driving past. Others just stood and stared.

People were standing on roof top and outside on their balconies hung with colorful laundry.

Thy stood at construction sites, on small mounds of dirt. A group of young men in brightly colored red or yellow shirts had stopped playing soccer in a dirt field where the goals had no nets to watch the  motorcade.

The motorcade pulled into Moi International Sports Center at 11:42am.

Motorcade pulled up at 11:44am to Safaricom Indoor Arena where POTUS will deliver his speech.‎ A little red carpet was rolled out at the entrance for POTUS. Pool did not see him enter.

Carol Lee
The Wall Street Journal

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