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After a flight over picturesque farm land, arid scrub, desert, mountains and oodles of golf courses, Air Force One landed in Palm Springs International Airport at 11:03 local time.

The president - wearing striped shirt with sleeves rolled up, light trousers and brown shoes - jogged down the stairs. He was greeted by a group including Rep. Raul Ruiz, who walked the president over to see his two recently born kids and his partner. The family and the president posed for a photo.

The motorcade then wound it's way along the valley floor. Small congregations of people braved the fierce sun and heat to wave and take pictures.

Per the White House, the other greeters on the airport tarmac were:

Dana Hobart Mayor of Rancho Mirage, CA

Jeff Grubbe, Chairman, Agua Calienete Band of Cahuilla Indians

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