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Air Force One touched down at a slightly overcast Los Angeles International Airport at around 14:18 Pacific Time (17:18 ET), after a roughly four hour flight from Washington.

Deputy Press Secretary Eric Schultz took questions from reporters during the journey. A White House transcript should have already landed, but in case it did not, there are some quotes from that exchange at the end of this report as well.

The President exited the plane. He was greeted by LA Mayor Eric Garcetti. Local TV crews looked on.

The President and travelers are now headed for the lift from LAX to Santa Monica Airport. From there we are destined for Pacific Palisades, where there will be a round table event hosted by Chuck Lorre, who was behind such comedy series as "Two and a Half Men" and the "Big Bang Theory."

As indicated in the previous pool report, the DNC expects approximately 30 supporters who have contributed up to $33,400 each. The event is closed to press, including the pool.

Schultz gaggle -

SOUTH CAROLINA SHOOTING  - Schultz said that President Obama had called Charleston Mayor Riley, South Carolina House Minority Leader Todd Rutherford and Rep. Clyburn.

The Vice President also spoke to Mayor Riley, Rev. Joe Darby and Bishop Richard Franklin Norris.

President Obama was made aware of the shooting last night. Regarding POTUS's relationship with those involved as referenced in the President's remarks at the White House, Schultz said the reverend there was an early supporter of the President's, "His relationship with the President and the First Lady dates back to 2007" and that "bond was strong enough to endure all the way to today."

Schultz said he had not heard of any conversation about calling off the president's fund raisers for today and tomorrow out of respect to the victims.

Regarding gun control, Schultz said: "If you'd go back to 2013, when the president worked very hard to exhaust every possible avenue to tackle this issue, in fact we, we completed 23 executive actions, we didn't leave anything in the cupboard on steps that we could take to address this."

"The President was also very clear that the biggest, boldest, action would have to be taken by Congress. That is an effort that we devoted significant resources to, the President himself spoke on it, we commenced a significant lobbying campaign in Congress and we fell short, Congress fell short, Congress was not able to take this on."

"I don't think the president is anticipating Congress moving on this any time soon, we are very realistic about the political realities. That doesn't mean that this isn't a moment for Americans to realize the urgency of this issue."

TPA/TAA - Schultz said "the President has been clear that he wants both TPA and TAA at his desk for his signature as soon as possible. The only strategy that we'd support moving through Congress is one that includes both of those pieces getting to his desk."

Regarding the sequencing and the question of a veto if only TPA arrives: "The president's preference and bright line here is to get both to his desk."

Schultz described last night's discussions with congressional democrats as "good, constructive."

PELOSI - Regarding the president's relationship with Nancy Pelosi "His relationship with Leader Pelosi goes back many, many years, there is no one he has worked more closely with, on Capitol Hill." Schultz added: "the relationship there is strong enough to withstand policy difference on any single issue, even one as important as this."

PAPAL ENCYCLICAL  - A statement from the White House should have already landed, but Schultz said: "The president does welcome the Pope's encyclical and admires the Pope's decision to make the case -- with the fully moral authority of his position -- for action on global climate change. The President does look forward to discussing climate change with the Pope when he visits the White House later this year and as we prepare for global climate negotiations in Paris this December, we hope that all world leaders will reflect on Pope Francis' call to come together to care for our planet."

CONFERENCE OF MAYORS address on Friday  - "A lot of the administration's strategy over the last few years, given that Congress isn't always the most willing partner to advance the President's policy priorities, we've taken our efforts to the state and local level and a lot of those efforts have borne fruit."  He gave some examples: Paid sick leave, child care, the minimum wage, pre-K education.

GOLF - Schultz was asked about whether it was appropriate for the President to be playing golf at an exclusive resort in the desert amid a drought. He responded: "This administration's commitment to helping those affected by the drought is second to none" he added "I know that many courses have taken water mitigation steps aimed at water conservation."

INTERVIEW with podcast "WTF" on Friday - "We think this an opportunity to have an extended, candid conversation, not necessarily about news of the day items, but I think this is much more going to be about areas of the president's life that don't always get reported in the news."

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