Fw: Travel pool report #2 4/9/15 -- Jamaica House arrival and guest book signing

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All color, no news.

The motorcade arrived at Jamaica House at 9:39 a.m. after an uneventful ride. We passed through the streets of Kingston, where crowds of people were assembled along the route, some of them on balconies of office buildings and others on the sidewalk, to watch and snap photos. We caught a brief sighting of the stately grounds of Devon House, with manicured laws and exotic-looking trees, which your pool is told was the home of the first black millionaire and is now a museum that sells some of the best ice cream in the world, including in many tropical flavors. We also passed the Coconut Industry Board.

President Obama was greeted at the door to Jamaica House by Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller (note the lack of hyphen, your pooler apologizes for the earlier error in including one), who was wearing a mustard-yellow skirt suit. "Madam prime minister, how are you," said Obama, who is wearing a grey suit. They hugged and he kissed her on the cheek. They walked over to four flags, two American and two Jamaican, and posed for photographs. POTUS gave a wave. Then he walked over to a wooden desk where a guest book lay open, and with Simpson Miller standing next to him, POTUS took a seat and signed. Your pool caught a glimpse of his message, written in blue ball-point pen, afterward:

"It is a great pleasure to visit Jamaica, known for its beauty and the extraordinary spirit of it's people. May the deep and abiding friendships between our nations continue for generations to come. Barack Obama"

POTUS stood and they shared another big hug, then Obama said, "Thank you everybody," and with a wink and a wave, he and Simpson Miller walked off to their private meeting, followed by National Security Adviser Susan Rice, Deputy National Security Adviser for Strategic Communications Ben Rhodes, and Ricardo Zuniga, NSC Senior Director for Western Hemisphere Affairs.

We are holding in a cafe called Tastee during the meeting.

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