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Motorcade stopped at Snow City Cafe, owned by Anchorage mayor and Democrat Ethan Berkowitz. On the menu is an Obamalette -- Barackoli, Spam and cheese. He did not appear to order one.

Enroute to the cafe, there were crowds along the street snapping pictures. The cafe was full. POTUS wore hiking shoes, black slacks and a greenish-gray Under Armour jacket. He entered, smiling and shaking hands and greeting people.

"How's everybody doing?" he asked the crowd. "I'm about to go to a glacier. What do you guys recommend?"

He shook hands with people behind the counter and at the counter and then asked staff and reporters if they wanted anything, baked goods, coffee.

Then he ordered: "One of those cinnamon rolls. How many of them have you got? I'm gonna take all of those. Why don't we sample some of that walnut bread and muffins? Put a little sampler together. I'm gonna start shaking some hands."

Elliott Adams, age 3.5, was there with his family. He clutched a "Step Into Reading" version of the Obama biography.

Byron Bluehors, 39, Fairbanks, was sitting at the counter. He had just finished a Kodiak crabcake Benedict. He said shaking POTUS' hand was "awesome."

"We're so grateful that he came. So many Alaskans support this president and what he's doing," said Diane Wiggins, a physical therapist who shook hands with the president and who came to the diner when called by her husband who works across the street.

Upon his departure, at 10:34,  a cheer went up. En route to Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson.

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