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Aboard Air Force One, deputy press secretary Eric Schultz held a short off-camera Q&A with the traveling pool.

No major news, but a couple of remarks that may be of interest. Please check against transcript.

Schultz began by outlining today’s town hall event in Charlotte, where the president will “continue to highlight his budget proposals to help middle class Americans.”

He’ll be meeting with “working women to discuss efforts to those trying to support a family.”

“Specifically you’ll hear about the president talk about his proposals to make college tuition more affordable.., to make child care more affordable especially for those with young ones and to expand paid medical sick leave at the work place.”

“I think you’ll note that this stands in contrast to Republicans in Congress who believe in a different approach, offering huge tax giveaways to the wealthy and well connected at the expense of the middle class.”

“As millions of Americans finish filing their tax returns today, the choices between these two competing priorities could not be any starker.”

Schultz said that eliminating estate tax cut would benefit only 120 households in North Carolina.

Turning to the second anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombings Schultz said Assistant to the president for homeland security and counterterrorism Lisa Monaco – who is from Boston -- laid a wreath this morning at the finish line this morning.

“We continue to be inspired by that city and its people who day-in and day-out personify Boston strong.”

Schultz fielded questions on the bipartisan Iran bill which cleared the Senate Foreign Relations Committee yesterday.

“We have long acknowledge that Congress should and will have a role.”

He went over some of the issues which Josh Earnest discussed yesterday which turned the White House around, saying the “compromise” bill “reflected significant steps taken to address the concerns we raised both publicly and privately.”

He added that the presidential purview to run foreign policy was “absolutely still intact”

“We feel as though this bill as it currently stands would codify the legitimate Congressional oversight of the deal in way that gives our negotiators the time and space they need to finalize this agreement by the end of June.”

Asked whether this bill and the agreement on the docfix showed a new trend in Congress toward bipartisanship, and if so, what could come next, Schultz pointed to the stalled confirmation process of would-be attorney general Loretta Lynch.

“Today marks a new milestone for the delay in the attorney general of the United States, Loretta Lynch has now waited twice as long on the Senate floor for a vote than the seven most recent attorney generals combined.”

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