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At 7:25pm,  POTUS entered the large reception room where approximately 300 people were having dinner.
No news during the short remarks where POTUS essentially went through the main points of his State of the Union speech.
He did not mention the Republican debate about to start.

"It's good to see you democrats", he said.  "I am looking forward for one more year of hard work".
"This is election season.  The other side may have some stuff to work out but our trajectory is clear", he said before adding that he had an "announcement" to make about the presidential race.
But no announcement here...
"Democrats will win in November", he said.
"The reason I can say that with confidence is because we focus on the things that matter, our party has the right answers".

On Republicans
"Sometimes I get a little frustrated that we don't run back the tapes to what republicans said by then", he said, mentioning job creation , gas prices, deficit.
"On the other side, you see slogans but you do not hear a single proposal that would help middle class families"

On Climate change
"As democrats we believe in science, I know that' a radical proposition..."
"Rather than subsidize the past we should be investing in our future"

On Diplomacy :
Mentioning the fight against violent extremism, he said : "We are not going to strengthen our leadership around the world by allowing politicians to insult Muslims. That's not who we are".

On Iran :
'Even those who were skeptic now have to admit that we achieved something that all of us had an interest in".

On America :
"During this election season, there is a lot of talk about America in decline.  I don't believe in it and the acts don't show it. We are doing a lot better than seven years ago".
"We are on the right side of those debate and we are not cynical", he concluded.
"Let's get to work".

Pool was ushered out of the room at 7:45 pm just before the Q&A session.

Holding in a room nearby.

Jérôme Cartillier
AFP White House Correspondent
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