Fw: Travel pool report #2a 4/9/15 - Corrections and addendum

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Subject: Travel pool report #2a 4/9/15 - Corrections and addendum

A couple of things to clean up from the last report:

POTUS' grammar was correct and your pool was in error. He wrote "its people" not "it's people." Like this:

"It is a great pleasure to visit Jamaica, known for its beauty and the extraordinary spirit of ITS people. May the deep and abiding friendships between our nations continue for generations to come. Barack Obama"

He did, however, get the date wrong, dating his entry 10 April, 2015. Thanks to eagle-eyed photographer Jonathan Ernst for pointing out.

Also, when POTUS first greeted Simpson Miller at the door to Jamaica House, your pool heard him say, "Madam PRESIDENT, how are you," not "Madam prime minister." Although her correct title is prime minister.

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