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President Obama's speech was open press. He was introduced as Barack Hussein Obama by his half-sister Auma. She described him as "one of us."

"He gets us," she said.

Mr. Obama took the stage to cheers from the estimated 4,500 attendees in the arena. There were chairs on the floor to one side of the stage. Elsewhere on the floor it was standing only. That area was not crowded. Stadium seating up to the ceiling on above levels.

Mr. Obama hugged Auma when he got on stage. He spoke for about 45 minutes. He told personal stories that are in his book "Dreams From My Father." He reflected initially on his roots, describing himself as the first Kenyan-American president. But then he focused mostly on his vision for the future of Kenya, which he descerived as being "at a crossroads" given expansion of both terrorism and economic opportunity.

Mr. Obama did not linger very long afterwards, despite the eager crowd. He shook hands briefly with folks along the perimeter of the buffer in front of the stage. He waved to the crowd before exiting.‎

Motorcade left the arena at 1:11pm. Arrived at ‎Kenyatta University at 1:20pm.

The crowds outside along the road connecting the sports complex and the university had thickened. As soon as the motorcade turned right out of the complex, about a dozen nuns in full habit -either all white or all powder blue - ‎stood outside waving.

Large crowds had ‎gathered. A bunch of people stood‎ at an outdoor market next to a row of parked rickshaws.‎

Pool did not see POTUS when arriving at the YALI Regional Leadership Center.

Pool is now holding‎ before POTUS's civil society event.

Carol Lee
The Wall Street Journal‎

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