Fw: Travel pool report #3 4/8/15 - Hotel arrival

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Marine One landed at 8:02 p.m. in a dark grassy field, so dark that
your pool could not see POTUS emerging to get in his waiting

Secretary Moniz and Congresswoman Clarke headed for another vehicle
and the motorcade rolled at 8:06. We passed through mostly empty
streets, but for some small groups of motorcade-gazers gathered on
porches or behind metal barricades guarded by police and what appeared
to be military officers wearing camouflage uniforms and toting large
guns, some of them wearing bright orange vests with reflective

As we neared the hotel, the crowds grew larger and more noisy,
cheering and whistling. One woman hoisted what looked like an iPad
with a handwritten message: "Obama we love u."

We passed a well-manicured area with a sign that said Emancipation
Park and turned into the driveway of the hotel, which was lined with
police men in navy blue trousers with a red stripe down the side, and
police women in navy skirts.

We arrived at the hotel at 8:14 and are holding in vans while POTUS
greets embassy personnel.

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White House Correspondent
The New York Times
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