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At 9:45 am,  the pool was ushered in a room where president Obama and president Xi sat side by side at the very end of a long table, in front of four large flags (two US, two China).

President Xi made the opening remarks but the translator was inaudible.

President Obama emphasized the importance of China-US efforts to fight climate change.
"Nowhere has our coordination been more necessary and more fruitful", he said.
"As the two largest carbon emitters, we have both determined that it is our responsibility to take action", he added.
"Our leadership on this issue has been vital", he also said.
Obama emphasized the need to "enhance transparency to build trust" in the fight against climate change.

On other issues, Potus expressed his condolences over the killing a Chinese hostage by ISIL, "which indicates this is a threat for all of us"

"Of course there are differences between our countries", he added, citing cyber security and maritime issues. He emphasized however the constructive tone of the discussions between the two countries.
"There is far more that the United Sates and China have in common than separates us", he concluded, before the pool was ushered out.

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