Fw: Travel pool report #3 - golf spray

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Subject: Travel pool report #3 - golf spray

Your pooler was brought out to a path alongside the green on the first
hole, where POTUS and his golf partners were putting. As your pooler
arrived a fair distance away, Larry David was in a sand trap, trying
to hit his apparently errant ball back onto the green. After the
swing, which brought a bunch of sand along with the ball, Mr. David
let out a yell of disappointment, perhaps because it didn't come close
to the hole.

POTUS, who appeared to be wearing light colored pants, a white or
beige golf shirt, and a beige baseball cap, took his turn next. His
ball was sitting at the edge of the green. After a couple of practice
swings, POTUS hit the ball with his putter and as it approached the
hole, POTUS leaned back on one leg, raising the other leg up as if to
will the ball to fall in. It did not.

POTUS strolled over toward the hole and appeared to pick up his ball,
at which point your pooler was ushered back through a short path to
the motorcade. We are now holding in the vans.

According to my Apple Watch, it is now 1:56 pm. We will be here a while.

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