Fw: Travel pool report #3 -- MV arrival

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POTUS and the first family landed in Marine One on Martha's Vineyard
at 6:25 pm eastern time. POTUS and FLOTUS shook hands with folks in a
greeting pen and we are now in a motorcade at 6:30 pm.

Addendum to previous pool report:

From the WH, here were the greeters at the bottom of the steps of AF1
when it landed in Cape Cod:

1. Lt. Col. David Anderson, Commander, 6th Space Warning Squadron

2. Capt. Michael Clyburn, Commander, USCG Base Cape Cod

3. CCM Karen Cozza, Wing Command Chief, 102nd Intelligence Wing Air Force

4. Bill Keating, U.S. Representative (D)

5. Maj. Jerrime Oliver, Plans and Training Officer, Camp Edwards Army
National Guard Training Site

6. Capt. Timothy Tobiasz, Commanding Officer, USCG Air Station Cape Cod

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