Fw: Travel pool report 4

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Subject: Travel pool report 4

The motorcade passed a number of wellwishers along the route as well as a fourball on a rather nice looking golf course. They stopped play and stood on the tee box as the convoy passed.

We also passed a quite large patch filled with hundreds of small US flags planted in the ground.

For most of the journey the skyline was dominated by the State Capitol, a neoclassical renaissance-style hulk of a building.

At 14:04 we arrived to out destination, the Ola Babcock Miller building at the Iowa State Library.

POTUS walked in and greeted a group waiting for him, including aforementioned interviewer Marilynne Robinson.

"Hello everybody, how are you." POTUS exclaimed.

He was introduced to State Librarian,  Michael Scott.

"How did you get to be the state librarian? That is a very cool title," he said.

POTUS then went off with Robinson for the interview, remarking he was going to talk about education and saying a library was a good place to start.

The pool is holding in the staff break room.

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