Fw: Travel pool report #4, 12/21/15 -- POTUS chips one in on the 18th hole

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From: Julie Davis
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Subject: Travel pool report #4, 12/21/15 -- POTUS chips one in on the 18th hole

At 5:36 p.m., about five hours after President Obama arrived at the
Mid-Pacific Country Club, your pool was led to the 18th hole, where
POTUS and his golfing partners were approaching as the sun set through
thick clouds. The president, wearing a grey golf shirt, dark shorts, a
cap and a white glove on his right hand, took his position on the
fringe about 40 feet from the hole, squatted down for a better view,
then took a few practice swings before chipping the ball in. A cheer
went up when he made the shot, and POTUS raised both arms in triumph,
then turned and pointed in your pool's direction, in a "You guys saw
that, right?" kind of a gesture, although he didn't say a word. He
then walked over to golfing partner Darrell Harrington, and the two
high-fived. Whereupon, your pool was led away to the motorcade, which
is now rolling. Stand by for some photos of this first POTUS sighting
of his Hawaii vacation.

Julie Hirschfeld Davis
White House Correspondent
The New York Times
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