Fw: Travel pool report #4, 5/14/15 -- Family photo and Obama-GCC joint statement

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Travel pool report #4, May 14, 2015
Camp David
Family photo and statements by Obama and emir of Qatar – Obama pledges security cooperation for Gulf states

At 5 p.m., President Obama strode out of the Laurel lodge and waved to your pool, then turned to greet the Gulf Cooperation Council leaders one by one as they emerged from the building with military escorts. Each got a handshake from Obama and then moved aside to get ready for the photograph.

Once he had greeted each leader, they jostled around for a few moments getting in the proper formation for the photo. “It’s our family photo,” Obama said. Then when they were all lined up, he said, “Good gentlemen – a little wave.” Which they did, then grinned.

Then the president walked over to a microphone and made a brief statement, thanking the GCC leaders for attending what he said had been an “excellent summit.” Please check all quotations against the transcript.

“The discussions we had today were candid, they were extensive,” Obama said. The group discussed the Iranian nuclear deal and its potential, as well as “Iran’s destabilizing activity in the region.” But he also said “we hope we can achieve the kind of peace and good neighborliness with Iran” that everyone wants. They also talked about Yemen and “additional work we need to do with respect to Da’esh.”

“I was very explicit that the United States will standby our GCC partners against external attacks,” Obama said. “We want to make sure this is not just a photo-op, but a concrete series of steps.” He said he had accepted an invitation from the GCC for a follow-up meeting next year.

Then the emir of Qatar, Sheikh Tameem Bin Hamad Al Thani gave his own brief statement, all in Arabic without translation so your pool is completely clueless as to what he might have said.

They were done at 5:10, and Obama turned to send off the Gulf leaders, saying “Everybody, safe travels home.”


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