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Is there a term for motorcade when it's in the air? Steve Mufson suggests "helicade." Another possibility is air convoy.

Marine One and the air convoy flew over mountains partly covered in snow, turquoise water with the occasional white cap. The convoy landed at Seward Landing Zone at 11:20. POTUS touched down at 11:32. Greeters as per White House: Jean Bardarson, Mayor of the City of Seward,
Bert Frost, Regional Director, National Parks Service Alaska. Period. Then again, we are a little remote today. On the outer wall of the blue-gray hanger was a big white sign, attached with silver duct tape. In bright, primary colors, it read: "WELCOME to SEWARD, AK" on the top line and "From the students and staff of Seward Elementary School" down below. It was covered with signatures.

Even the landing zone is beautiful here in southwest Alaska, with Resurrection Bay sparkling to  the east and the Chugach mountains, black with the occasional thread of snow, behind it (as per a Seward police officer).

As we drove to Exit Glacier, we passed a mattering of people, one carrying a homemade white sign with blue and red lettering in all caps: "Honk Once If Obama." My iPhone says it's sunny and 50 degrees. I can attest to the sunny part. No sign of wafting smoke or other indication of what POTUS referenced in his Monday speech, that "more than 300 wildfires were burning at once."

The motorcade passed Exit Glacier at 11:58. And arrived at Kenai Fjords National Park at 12:10.

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