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Subject: Travel Pool Report #4 - Arrival at McCamish Pavillion

Pool report #4

Arrival at McCamish Pavilion.

Motorcade from Hartsfield to Georgia Tech arrived at 12:45 p.m.  As the pool vans pulled in, there were 40-50 students standing on a stairway waiting for entrance in the massive McCamish Pavillon.  No demonstrators were in view.

Pool now seated at left of presidential podium waiting for POTUS to speak.  Our view is blocked by a throng of enthusiastic students standing in front of the podium.

A  crowd of several thousand students is waiting for Mr. Obama at this open press event and more students are still entering. As soon as we have an official crowd count, we will pass it along.

The pavillion is ringed with a blue electronic banner saying “Georgia Tech.”   Behind the presidential podium is a blue banner saying “Middle Class Economics” and “whitehouse.gov”

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The Christian Science Monitor

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