Fw: Travel pool report 4 (town hall)

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Subject: Travel pool report 4 (town hall)

After an uneventful motorcade ride to downtown Charlotte, where there were a surprising number of people out to wave and take photos etc, the President arrived to the town hall event at around 14:30.

The centre is a strikingly modernist building.

Inside the library there are around 220 people,  who awaited the President's arrival to the strains of Bruce Springsteen,  Ray LaMontagne and Raphael Saadiq.

There a  brightly coloured carpet, a backdrop of bookcases and on the walls are a North Carolina and the US flag.

The moderator is Lisa Stone the chief community officer of SheKnows.

The president is now making remarks, which are open press.

On another issue, according to Eric Schultz, the president was briefed regarding the gyrocopter incident back in Washington.

Source for count.
Rob Kinniburgh
Deputy Chief Fire Marshal
Charlotte Fire Department

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