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During the “mommy blogger” town hall the President Obama spoke about a host of economic issues affecting families, including a good deal about equal pay legislation He told the predominantly female audience that was “a no brainer.”

Many of the President’s remarks were notably personal, referencing the First Lady, his daughters, his mother, his grandmother, grandfather and sister.

Regarding equal pay he said “this is personal for me,” adding “I was raised by a single Mom.”

He said is grandmother was the main breadwinner in the family and was smarter than his grandfather “sorry gramps” drawing a laugh.

He noted that he has two daughters “I expect them to be treated the same” and riffed on taking Sasha and Malia to watch films like “Toy Story” and “Monsters Inc.”

He joked that “Michelle would point out that first ladies get paid nothing, so there is clearly not equal pay in the White House” and when asked about teachers’ pay noted “My sister was a teacher so I know how little she got paid.”

“Why would I want my spouse, my daughter discriminated against, that doesn’t make any sense, so this should be a no brainer… We are just going to keep on pushing until the lightbulb goes off on the heads of some of these Republican friends of mine.”

As the event wraps the pool is being ushered back to the vans, headed back to the National Guard Base.

Andrew Beatty

White House Correspondent



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