Fw: Travel pool report 5

From: Andrew BEATTY [mailto:xxx@email.com]
Sent: Wednesday, October 28, 2015 01:38 PM
To: Allen, Jessica L. EOP/WHO
Subject: Travel pool report 5

After a bit of a bumpy ride through bad weather, Air Force One touched down at Joint Base Andrews at 13:26.

For those interested, the in-flight meal was a Southwest grilled chicken salad.

The in-flight movie in the press cabin was The Avengers. As a number of poolers noted, it was at times a little distracting having Scarlett Johansson peering over Eric Schultz’s shoulder during the gaggle.

POTUS came down the steps of the aircraft and went straight to the motorcade, which was rolling back to the White House at 13:46.

And with that, handing off to the in town pool.

Andrew Beatty
White House Correspondent

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