Fw: Travel pool report #5

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Subject: Travel pool report #5

Pool was brought into the room ‎where POTUS was doing the radio interview at 3:35pm for a brief spray.

POTUS was making small talk with the interviewer, talking about how Sasha was "this big" and holding his hand out to show her small height, and Malia was "this big." Unclear what he was telling her. She responded by saying "now she's 17."

POTUS thanked the pool. As we were ushered out he suggested to the interviewer ‎that they take a photo with her crew.

Pool held briefly in vans before 3:44pm motorcade departure to helos.

Note re last pool report: the WH staffer who said "no" when POTUS asked if anyone had any ideas for how to address the civil society event attendees desire for a photo with him was...Pete Souza.

Carol Lee
The Wall Street Journal

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