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POTUS entered the fundraiser at 11:24 to a standing ovation from the 50 or so people who paid $16,700 a person to attend. The proceeds go the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee.

The event was at the extraordinarily posh home of Obama bundler Naomi Aberly and her husband Larry, and was cohosted by Peter and Lisa Kraus. Mr. Kraus is a founding partner of the Waters Kraus Paul law firm in Dallas.

Notables in attendance - former Ambassador Ron Kirk, Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards, and former Dallas Cowboys running back Emmitt Smith.

Not much new in Obama's remarks, which the press shop will be sending out in full later. But here's a few highlights:

Obama's brief remarks were his standard issue comments to small groups of donors in which he ticks off his administration's accomplishments and made the case for giving more money to the campaign committees in order to cement his legacy and build upon his work.

"In order to do all this we've got have not just a democratic presidency ... but we've got to have a senate that is a partner in this process," Obama said, adding that "the untimely death of justice Scalia" underscores that need. "The behavior of the senate since then gives you a pretty good reason why ... the way we think about the senate is so important," Obama argued.

"If we have a congress that is thoughtful and science based and cares about equal opportunity and equal rights and civil rights and is engaged broadening prosperity for all people, we make progress. When congress thinks different, we can still make progress, but it's an awful lot harder," Obama said.

We're now holding in the pool table house, adjacent to the main house.

John Stanton
DC Bureau Chief

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