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Travel pool report #5, May 14, 2015
Camp David
Saudi Foreign Minister readout

Just after the family photo, Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir of Saudi Arabia gave a brief readout of the summit on the patio outside Evergreen chapel. He was very upbeat about what he said had been “an extremely productive day that followed an extremely productive evening,” apparently referring to last night’s dinner at the White House with President Obama. He said there had been talks about how to counter Iran’s “negative involvement in the region,” and how to work together to solve regional problems in places such as Syria, Iraq and Libya.

On Iran: “We welcome the discussions on the nuclear program between the P5+1 and Iran. We were assured that the objective is to deny Iran the ability to have a nuclear weapon, and that all pathways to a nuclear weapon will be closed…We will follow the talks and see before we can judge in terms of whether or not the Iranians will do what it takes to reach a deal.

On the summit in general, he downplayed the notion that Saudi Arabia had asked for assurances it had not gotten. “This is unprecedented, the Gulf countries meeting with the United States to take their relationship to an entirely different level. … This is not about concessions. This was not a negotiation. This was not …where we say ‘we want,’ and the US says, ‘we give.’ ”

On the latest Iranian maritime misbehavior, including the latest involving the Singapore vessel in the Strait of Hormuz:
“For whatever reason they’re doing it, it’s got to stop.” And “We’re working very closely with the United States on freedom of navigation.”


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