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After an uneventful drive, motorcade arrived at North Carolina A&T State University.
Per Josh Earnest during gaggle, POTUS is meeting with several My Brother's Keeper initiative participants from around the country. The event is closed press.
Pool is holding in the room where the Town Hall hosted by ESPN will take place.

More quotes from Josh Earnest gaggle (HT Julie Hirschfeld Davis from the NYT)

+ Regarding the quandary in which Republicans now find themselves, Josh said he had little sympathy. "For more than seven years, Republicans in Washington have prioritized opposition to President Obama above all else," essentially fueling the rise of Trump, he said.

"What my mom would say in this situation is, 'You reap what you sow.'"

"It's  it something from which they'll quickly recover," he said of Republicans.

+ On new Wikileaks report suggesting that administration officials corresponded with the Clinton campaign on the emails investigation, Josh said he would not talk about the Podesta emails in general: "I'm not going to comment directly on the stolen emails of private citizen."

But he reiterated the administration's position that there had been no interference by the White House.

"Both the attorney general and the FBI director have made clear that the investigation of Secretary Clinton's private email server was conducted without regard to partisan politics."

FBI Director James Comey, he added, has indicated there was "not even an attempt by the White House to influence that investigation."

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