Fw: Travel pool report 5: "Defense Media Activity"

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Subject: Travel pool report 5: "Defense Media Activity"

Motorcade arrived at Ft Meade bldg marked "Defense Media Activity" at 2.44 PM.

Inside is a large TV studio decorated with the set of Worldwide Troop Talk, the show hosting POTUS town hall with service members.

An aide told your pooler the in-studio audience is made of service members representing all branches based around Ft Meade. Per DOD via the WH, the crowd is 150.

POTUS will take Qs from all over the world as well as in studio. The show is hosted by Tech Sgt Nathan Perry.

More background from WH:

"Today at Fort Meade, the President will honor the sacrifices of our troops and their families and have a conversation with the patriotic men and women who work every day to keep America safe. He will take questions from the troops at Fort Meade as well as from military installations across the country and around the world – from Afghanistan to Washington State – and on social media."

The show is underway now.

Evan McMorris-Santoro
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