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More quotes from Eric Schultz gaggle on AF1.

+ Affordable Car Act
"The president will discuss how Americans and communities across the country are benefiting from the law"
"You can expect him to talk about the progress we have made in the nearly six years since he signed the Affordable Care Act (...) despite congressional republicans voting nearly 60 times to repeal it"."
"Thankfully they have been unsuccessful in their efforts to do so. They have also been unsuccessful in offering any alternative to the Affordable Care Act"

Why more voters disapprove of the law than approve it ?
"Republicans have spent hundreds of millions of dollars distorting the truth about this law, fueling conspiracy theories about this law, and there is no question that it is going to have an impact"

Trump's healthcare plan ?
"I did not have a chance to review that plan before we took off (...) but my understanding is that it is the same that have seen before by republicans which is repeal the Affordable Care Act but have no ideas with what to replace it with"

+ Mitt Romney's Speech
"I did not get a chance to see the speech before we took off , I have to be honest, with you, I don't think I will be watching it when we get back"
While the president be watching it sometimes later ?
"I don't think so"

How does the president see the anti-Trump-Trump initiatives within the Republican party ?
"For years , the Republican party has created a vacuum in Washington by neglecting their own responsibilities to govern", he said, citing  the Affordable Care Act, gun safety,
"It should not be a surprise for those who have observed this for the past few years that their lack of leadership in Washington has created the exact vacuum that outsiders have looked to fill"

"I don't have too much of an update for you"
"This is something the president is spending a lot of time on (...) reviewing potential candidates, meeting with his team, and really looking for the best person for the job"
"Republicans have offered a reflexive opposition to considering the president's nominee even though we have not even named one. We find that unfortunate".
"I did note that chairman Grassley has broken with leader McConnell and said that he would consider meeting with a nominee, we think that's a good first step"
"I don't have an updated timetable for you"
"This is very significant priority for (the president), he is spending a lot of time on this", he  said refusing to "speculate" on potential nominees.

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