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Just before 2 p.m. PST, the president hopped out of the beast and boarded AF1 after a short and uneventful ride from Stanford to Moffett Airfield. We were wheels up en route to Seattle at 1:53.

Deputy Press Secretary Eric Schultz gaggled aboard AF1 for exactly 30 minutes shortly after departure. Please check quotes against the official WH transcript.

Schultz said POTUS expressed "regret" on the phone with PM David Cameron regarding his "decision to step aside" following Great Britain's decision to leave the EU. Schultz said it was clear that Cameron remained "deeply committed to Democratic values" and that the U.S. was committed to financial stability and economic prosperity amid the transition.

Schultz also referenced POTUS' call with Chancellor Merkel; readout included detail that they agreed the G7 partners should work closely together leading up to the NATO Summit in Poland.

Schultz added that Obama and Merkel expressed regret over Britain's decision, but reiterated their respect for it. "This decision was up to the British people, and they made their voice heard."

Q: The president said the UK would go to the back of the line when it came to negotiating trade agreements with the US if it left the EU. Does that still hold?

A: “The economic rationale for TTIP remains strong....we are right now evaluating the impact of last night’s decision on TTIP. But we are going to be engaging our counterparts both in Brussels and London on this. This is also the more reason for an orderly sequence to the United Kingdom’s departure from the European Union.

Obviously the president stands by what he said and I don’t have a change in that position. It is going to take some time to assess what the impact of last night decision on the TTIP negotiations. The TTIP negotiations continue in earnest.

Schultz talked about the strength of the American economy: “We are now in the longest stretch of job growth in our nation’s history. The budget deficit has been cut by three quarters... Middle class families’ wage growth is accelerating....”

“The president is enormously proud of his record over the last seven years and that is definitely a case we will be making through the fall.”

Q: was there any thought given to changing the president’s schedule?

A: There was no change to the president’s public schedule. The president felt that this was a worthy endeavor to be here...

A: We live in an interconnected global economy. We also live in the greatest country on earth....He believes that diversity is not just an American value it is a defining characteristic of why we are the greatest country on earth....so the president isn’t going to shy away from making that case....Clearly we are having a debate in this country about a lot of these issues and the president isn’t going to hesitate to make his case.

Q: Flooding in West Va.

A: We are very much focused on the response on the ground. FEMA through its regional office in Pennsylvania is closely monitoring the severe flooding and is working closely with state emergency managers and local officials in West Va. As of now there have not been been any requests for federal assistance....We are going to continue to lean forward to make sure they are getting the help they need.

Q: On rescheduling the event with Hillary Clinton

A: As soon as that’s nailed down we’ll let you know.

Major h/t to the NYT's Greg Jaffe on transcription.


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