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After an uneventful journey that took us along Pennsylvania Ave., the 235 and a suburban area where the route was lined with a least one large group of school kids, we arrived at 15:38 to North High School.

The building is relatively modern, and visitors are greeted in the lobby by a quite convincing life size model of a polar bear, at least your pooler thinks it's a model.

POTUS is about to speak, the crowd of a few thousand is quite excited,  or perhaps relieved, some students report they have been waiting in the auditorium for almost three hours.

POTUS remarks are open press, here is some background from the WH.


Russhaun Johnson, Student Body President, North High School

Background from the White House:

Today, the President will travel to Des Moines, Iowa to join Secretary Duncan’s sixth annual Back-to-School bus tour. The President and Secretary Duncan will host a town hall with high school students and their parents to discuss college access and affordability.

And Iowa is already leading the way in expanding college access:

· In Iowa, 68% of students attending four-year public schools graduate, 13 percentage points above the national average.

The President has made historic investments in college affordability in Iowa.

· Pell Grant funding has increased in Iowa by approximately 13% since 2008.

· In 2009, he enacted the American Opportunity Tax Credit, which will provide $182 million in tuition credits in 2016 to students and families in Iowa, an average benefit of $1,920 for 95,000 families claiming the credit.

That’s why the President is taking the opportunity to visit Iowa today – to continue to build on the momentum in the state and across the country to increase the number of Americans with college degrees as part of the Administration’s strategy to grow the economy and ensure that prosperity is shared widely.

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