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After the band finished playing a young man from the Roots of Music program (see below) spoke briefly, touching on the importance of music to him and many others in New Orleans. He got rousing applause when he stopped briefly to say "I'm nervous."

President Obama was then introduced by former mayor Marc Morial, Rep. Cedric Richmond and Mayor Mitch Landrieu, who said "we are unbowed we are unbroken, we are coming back better than before."

A little while later Michelle Gobert spoke, according to the White House she "is a small business owner from New Orleans who - with her husband Norm - was set to celebrate 15 years in business for their sign shop located in the shadow of the Superdome when Hurricane Katrina struck. The storm destroyed their business and forced their family to relocate to Lake Charles until they were forced again to move when Hurricane Rita hit. Michelle's sign business contracts with the NFL, and though her business lost everything, she hustled to ensure that she could still meet the NFL's needs and maintain the contract. After the water receded, Michelle, her husband and their kids had to decide between giving up on their small business or rebuilding it. They chose to reopen in the center of New Orleans in 2007."

The president meanwhile was taking part in a "Resilience Roundtable" which, according to the White House was to "highlight advancements in national preparedness, showcase Gulf Coast resiliency, mark the achievements of the New Orleans community over the past 10 years and discuss opportunities to build future resilience. "

The president made some brief remarks at the bottom of the meeting (list of participants below)

"What we have been doing is just looking at the lessons that have been learned over the course of the last decade, and sharing a sense of pride for the excellent coordination that has taken place, between the federal state and local governments in the rebuilding process, but also, some humility and a sense of urgency about the work that still needs to be done."

They protecting New Orleans and the Louisiana, water management, POTUS said there was "one of the best water management systems and storm management systems in the world right here in New Orleans."

He talked about the need to restore wetlands, and mentioned "community resilience" -- "It's one thing to stop water from pouring in, it's another thing to make sure that individuals and families have the resources and the structures to rebuild."

POTUS said "attention has to be paid to housing, attention has to be played to employment." He talked about sharing data from New Orleans with other communities, including during the Sandy recovery.

"Perhaps the biggest lesson to be learned from Katrina," he said "is making sure that there is trust and effective communication between citizens, government and civil society."

The President is now delivering his speech, his remarks are open press.

Here are some notes on the Roots of Music program from the White House:

Before the President delivered his remarks, the Roots of Music program, which serves youth ages 9-14 from low-income households, performed for the crowd as part of the pre-program. Roots of Music has a full marching band, provides music history and theory instruction, instrumental instruction, academic assistance, five hot meals per week and mentoring.

Roundtable participants

*         Bill Cassidy, Senator (LA)

*         Valerie Jarrett, Senior Advisor to the President

*         Shaun Donovan, Office of Management and Budget

*         Lisa Monaco, National Security Council

*         Craig Fugate, Federal Emergency Management Agency

*         Hakeem Jeffries, Congressman, 8th District of New York

*         Jo Ellen Darcy, Assistant Secretary of the Army for Civil Works

*         Thad Allen, Former Commandant of the US Coast Guard

*         Chip Kline, Louisiana's Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority

*         Joe Hassinger, Southeast Louisiana Flood Protection Authority - East

*         Flozell Daniels, Foundation for Louisiana

*         Robin Barnes, Greater New Orleans, Inc.

*         Allison Plyer, The Data Center

*         Judith Rodin, Rockefeller Foundation

*         Jeff Hebert, City of New Orleans

*         Cashauna Hill, Greater New Orleans Fair Housing Action Center

*         Gail McGovern, American Red Cross

*         Robert Fogarty, Evacuteer.org

*         Colette Pichon Battle, Gulf Coast Center for Law and Policy

*         Minh Nguyen, VAYLA New Orleans

*         Peter Gautier, National Security Council

*         Rafaela Monchek, National Security Council

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