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Uneventful ride to National Heroes' Park, where POTUS arrived at 4:40
p.m. He exited the Beast and walked toward a man in military dress --
red coat with a black belt, black pants with a red stripe, sword on
his belt -- who saluted. They then shook hands and walked over to a
row of people including Portia Simpson Miller, with whom POTUS
exchanged yet another hug. He then shook hands down the line. The
White House provided the following list of greeters:

Colonel Pryce, Jamaican Defense Forces
Prime Minister, Portia Simpson Miller
Leader of the Opposition, Mr. Andrew Holness
Minister of National Security, Peter Bunting, MP
Minister of Education, Ronald Thwaites, MP
Custos of Kingston, Steadman Fuller
Custos of St. Andrew, Donna Parchment
Commanding Officer 3JR Lt. Col Winston Walcott
President, Royal Air Forces Association. Major General (Ret’d.) Robert Neish
Chairman, Jamaica Legion, Major (Ret’d.) Torrance Lewis
Earl Barrington Beckford, WWII Veteran
Victor Leslie Beek, WWII

A second Jamaican man in military dress, this one in a green jacket,
crisply marched over to POTUS and handed a wreath to a Marine next to
him. They walked together toward the cenotaph, a white monument with a
white cross on top, then the Marine handed the wreath to POTUS, who
laid it at the foot of the monument. POTUS stepped back and bowed his
head for a moment, the Marine saluted, and they turned to go.

Background on Heroes' Park from the White House:

National Heroes Park is a permanent place for honoring Jamaica's
heroes whose monuments are erected in an area known as the Shrine.
The park stands as a burial site for many of Jamaica's national
heroes, prime ministers, and cultural leaders.  At the center of the
park lies a War Memorial cenotaph for Jamaican veterans of World War I
and World War II.  The park is guarded by formal honor guards of the
Jamaican Defense Forces.  The park was founded in 1783 as a race
track, but then was developed into a sacred burial ground, acquiring
its present name in 1973.

The motorcade rolled at 4:50 to helos and we did not see POTUS board
Marine One. We lifted at 5 p.m. For the short hop to Norman Manley
Airport. Marine One landed at 5:08 and rolled to the base if AF1 as a
rainbow appeared in the sky emanating from a fluffy white cloud.

POTUS emerged and walked to the base of the plane, shaking hands with
a group awaiting him at the bottom of the steps before boarding. They
were, according to the White House:

1. Governor General, Patrick Allen
2. Prime Minister, Portia Simpson Miller
3. Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade, Senator A.J. Nicholson
4. Minister of Transport, Works and Housing, Dr. Omar Davies
5. Minister of Tourism and Entertainment, Dr. Wykeham McNeil
6. Minister without Portfolio (Information), Senator Sandrea Falconer
7. Permanent Secretary, Office of the Prime Minister, Ms. Onika Miller
8. Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade,
Ambassador Paul Robotham
9. Chief of Defence Staff, Major General Antony Anderson
10. Commissioner of Police, Dr. Carl Williams

One last kiss from Simpson Miller and POTUS jogged up the stairs,
turning at the top to wave and grin before boarding the plane.

At 5:19 we are rolling for departure to Panama. Scheduled flight time
1 hr 45 mins.

Julie Hirschfeld Davis
White House Correspondent
The New York Times
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