Fw: Travel Pool Report #6 -- campaign office stop and library update

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After a 20-minute drive, President Obama's motorcade stopped at a local campaign office where volunteers were making calls for Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Democratic Alderman Will Burns. The unannounced stop was in the Kenwood neighborhood of Chicago.

When pool entered the unadorned office space, Obama already was working the room, shaking hands and cheering the volunteers on. Emanuel shook a few hands as well, but most of the attention was focused on Obama.

Pool was kept at a distance, but most of the president's interactions with the diverse group consisted of variations of "How are you doing?" and "Great to see you." Will Burns campaign signs papered over most of the wall space, and a few Emanuel signs were posted here and there.

After a couple minutes of shaking hands, Obama briefly spoke to the volunteers. He stood at the back of the room, with Emanuel on his right and Burns to his left.

"It's great to see all of you here," Obama said. "I love phone banking."

Obama first praised Burns, saying that he expected Burns to do fine in his ward "because he's my alderman."

The president then spoke about Emanuel, saying he's somebody who loves this city.
"Everybody knows he is passionate and he is tough," Obama said.

Obama said Emanuel is "dogged in making sure Chicago is not just the coldest city but the greatest city."

"I'm glad he's my mayor, and I'm glad he's going to be my mayor for another four years," Obama said.

After spending just a few minutes in the campaign office, Obama was back in the motorcade.
The motorcade was on the move at 3:20 p.m., arriving at Obama's Chicago home at 3:28 p.m.

White House Principal Deputy Press Secretary Eric Schultz sends along this update:
At his Chicago residence, the president will receive an update on the library site selection process from Marty Nesbitt and the Foundation team.

The pool is holding in vans near the president's home.

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