Fw: Travel Pool Report #6 -- POTUS sighting on the 18th hole

From: Nelson, Colleen [mailto:xxx@email.com]
Sent: Monday, December 28, 2015 03:57 PM
To: Gabriel, Brian
Subject: Travel Pool Report #6 -- POTUS sighting on the 18th hole

After spending about five-and-a-half hours on the golf course, President Obama reached the 18th hole at Mid-Pacific Country Club.

The pool was permitted to glimpse the president's last few minutes on the course. A small crowd had gathered on the public street near the 18th hole.

Obama, clad in a white polo shirt, khaki shorts and a tan ballcap, first hit a short chip shot to the edge of the green. He soon followed with a long putt that stopped a few feet away from the hole.

Bobby Titcomb then sank a long a putt of his own, prompting an enthusiastic high-five from the president. The group chatted amiably as they played the last hole, and a smiling Obama seemed to be enjoying the picture-perfect day on the golf course. The pool was kept at a distance and could not hear more than faint snippets of conversation.

Obama put his arm around Titcomb and continued to chat as they waited for the other players to putt.

Finally, Obama placed his ball back on the green and lined up a second putt. He sank this one from a few feet away.

This finish lacked the flair and drama of last week's chip-in from 40 feet away. But the small crowd still cheered appreciatively as the president's ball rolled into the hole.

There were handshakes and smiles all around as Obama and his partners wrapped up their round. And the pool was quickly herded back to the bus.

At 3:54 p.m., the motorcade is rolling,

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