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[Continued lack of connectivity delayed delivery of this news-free pool report.]

After departing Dillingham Middle School, the motorcade made an unannounced stop at the local N&N Market.

Upon arrival, President Obama spoke for a minute, explaining that nearly everything must be shipped from afar to Dillingham, driving up prices. As a result, the cost of many items is extraordinary, sometimes double what we would pay elsewhere, the president said.

Obama said that's why the fishing industry here is so important. He highlighted local economic development efforts as well.

As the pool waited for the president to make his way to the back of the store, Obama detoured, apparently distracted by a baby. Plans to meet up near the dairy case were abandoned, and the pool found Obama at the front of the store, bouncing the baby up and down in his arms. The baby's mother looked on incredulously, apparently shocked to find the president at her local market.

Eventually, the baby was returned. Obama quickly greeted a couple other customers. "Hey, what happened to you, man?" Obama asked a young man with his arm in a sling. The president told the shoppers that it's so nice to be here and repeated the pledge to bring Michelle and the girls back to the area one day.

After spending about five minutes here, our time at the N&N Market concluded. The motorcade made the short drive back to the Dillingham Airport.

Obama quickly boarded Air Force One in the rain. At 2:30 p.m. local time, Air Force One was wheels up.

Next stop: the Arctic.

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