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At 17:32 POTUS entered the dinning room, which was softly lit with dozens of suspended orange globe lights, making it look like a room full of mini Jupiters.

POTUS spoke for about ten minutes.

He started by praising hosts the Robinsons and their family, saying "it is always good being home."

He thanked the audience, some of whom, he said, had shaped his whole career.

"After seven years of hard work I think we can look back and say the country is better because of what we have done together."

He listed the economic recovery, college admisions, marriage equality, the development of clean energy as achievements.

"There are very few measures by which the country is not better off," he said.

"I am more optimistic now, seven years after Grant Park than I was on that night."

He said Washington can be sclerotic, but things have a way or working out. He jokingly mocked those who said a year ago he was a lame duck, "we've been flapping our wings a lot."

He listed investments in education, research, infrastructure as well as immigration reform and countering climate change as things that still needed to be worked on.

Among the attentees were George Lucas and his wife Mellody Hobson.

On the menu... chicken, polenta and Brussels sprouts.

Pool is holding in the vans, next destination as yet unclear.

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