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Motorcade arrived at Kenyatta University LZ at 3:51pm. Pool did not see POTUS.

Pool helo wheels up at 3:56pm.

The crowds on the campus streets‎ had significantly thinned since his first motorcade movement there. Those who were left - or had newly arrived - were just as enthusiastic though.

Marine One was wheels down at the airport at 4:08pm.

There were a bunch of people dressed in tribal African garb‎ - feather headresses, brightly-colored skirts - behind a barricade next to the press riser. They were singing, dancing, drumming.

POTUS stepped off AF1 at 4:12pm. The folks behind the barricades ramped up their singing, drumming and dancing at the sight of POTUS. Lots of ululating.

POTUS walked to the red carpet rolled out at the foot of AF1 stairs. President Kenyatta greeted him. They chatted for a minute. He then paused to wave to the people singing and drumming. They ululated back. He didn't walk over there. ‎ Instead he shook hands with greeters lining the red carpet.

POTUS boarded AF1 at 4:15pm. He turned at the top of the stairs for a longer-than-usual wave and smile - what was probably his last presidential wave to Kenya‎ - before ducking inside the plane.

Wheels up to Ethiopia momentarily.

Carol Lee
The Wall Street Journal

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