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From: John Stanton
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Shortly after 3 pm local time President Obama entered the Long Center's auditorium. POTUS was interviewed by Evan Smith, the editor of the great Texas Tribune for about an hour. POTUS, who had reaquired his suit coat since eating at Torchy's, seemed at ease during the seated interview. Much of the hour long talk was necessarily focused on technology - this being SXSW and all. Obama touted a number of efforts he's begun pushing on technology and government, including the fight against ISIS and creating a better interaction with the government.
According to Catlin Whitington, a SXSW planner, 2,100 attended the interview.
We're now en route to the Austin Music Hall for a DNC fundraiser.
Per a Democratic source, the reception is hosted by "whurley," AKA William Hurley, who co-founded Chaotic Moon Studios. J Cole will play for 1,600 people, who contributed up to $33,400.


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