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Air Force One landed at 6:42 p.m. at Tocumen International Airport in
Panama City, Panama after an uneventful flight.

On the Tarmac, 16 uniformed guards holding rifles and dressed in black
jackets, white pants, white hats with little red crests sticking up,
and white gloves lined a red carpet. POTUS disembarked and descended
the steps, whereupon one of the guards shouted something and two
others hoisted swords in front if their faces, blades pointing up at
the sky. POTUS was greeted, per the White House, by Jonathan Farrar,
United States Ambassador to Panama, and Alvaro Aleman, Minister of the

POTUS and Aleman walked together down the red carpet and Obama greeted
still more people, posing for a picture with a group of children, as
follows (according to the White House):

Stefan Varela, the President's son
Felipe Duboy, son of a minister
Julio Alvarado, the Vice President's son
Ana Hincapie, Deputy foreign minister Hincapie's daughter

Then a band, which your pool could barely see in the dark but appeared
to be on a balcony of an airport building, began to play. It seemed
like a marching band, with loud drums, lots of brass and some flags
that were being twirled.

POTUS headed off and your pool boarded helos, which lifted at 7:02 and
touched down at 7:11 at LZ. We did not see POTUS and the motorcade is
rolling at 7:26.

Julie Hirschfeld Davis
White House Correspondent
The New York Times
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