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At 3:40 pm, the pool entered a room where Potus and PM Modi of India were seated next to each other at the end of a long table.

President Obama emphasized that it
was a pleasure to meet with his "friend and partner".
"We agree that (climate change) is an urgent threat. We welcome India's leadership on this issue", he said.
While he said the Paris meeting should protect the possibility of countries like India to pursue their fight against poverty,  Potus also clearly stated that serious climate commitments from all parties were absolutely necessary.
The agreement "has to reflect serious and ambitious actions by all countries", he insisted.

PM Modi emphasized that he could discuss "very openly" with president Obama.
"We are going to be making a very important contribution", he said, talking about "ambitious targets".
The PM also insisted on the necessity to ensure that "development and protection of the environment go hand in hand".
Pool was ushered out after a long handshake between the two leaders.
Holding in the vans.

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