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At around 17:00 the pool was ushered into the room where POTUS held a first bilateral meeting with PM Turnbull of Australia.

A bit of news…

POTUS said he had invited the PM to visit Washington  “soon” and that the invitation had been accepted. Date to be decided.

“I’ve extended an invitation to the Prime Minister to visit Washington sometime soon, and he’s agreed so we are going to set up a time.”

“Unfortunately it will probably be in the winter, and it will be a little cold, it’s always a little worrisome for folks down under,” POTUS joked.

The two men sat at the far end of a meeting room backed by the national flags. Delegations from the two countries sat in a line at each side.

POTUS said it had been wonderful to have a “lengthy” discussion with the PM as he talked about a “lasting and enduring alliance.”

“There are very few things we disagree upon,” POTUS said, hailing cooperation on security, “Australia is the second largest contributor to the counter-ISIL coalition, enormously helpful participant in our efforts to stabilize and provide the opportunity for the Afghan people to secure their own country.”

“We are strong trading partners, and we very much appreciate the constructive work that was done between our trade ministers” on TPP, which he said had established “high standard, rules of the road for trade and commerce in what accounts for 40 percent of the world’s GDP.”

POTUS said the pair had discussed counterterrorism, but also “how we can reach out to our own people, and Muslim communities, in order ensure that they feel fully a part of American and Australian democracy.”

“We had an excellent discussion around the importance of maintaining freedom of navigation and maritime rules,” he said, noting neither Australia and the United States were not claimants. “These issues should be resolved by international norms and the rule of law, and peacefully so.”

Turnbull for his part said the security challenges in the Middle East had featured prominently in the discussion.

“We will continue shoulder to shoulder with the United States and our allies in the fight against this type of extremist violence, this type of terrorism.”

“We have a common purpose and a common strategy.”

Re Syria he said “I know that you appreciate the support that Australia is giving to that effort.”

He described TPP as a “big step” and made the case for open economies.

He also spoke a little about Internet freedom and the need for government keep its distance.

“As the leaders of two countries committed to freedom and always a little skeptical of government, it’s important to remember that the growth of the internet has been largely effective without the involvement of government that is why both of us, both of our countries support maintaining the current  governance arrangements for the internet.”

With that we have a lid

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