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POTUS arrived at the Rutgers campus at 256 after a short, uneventful ride through scenic downtown Newark.

While at Rutgers Obama participated in a round table on formerly incarcerated persons and education.

Following the roundtable he will make brief remarks.

Below is the background note from the White House with details from the event.

Background from the White House:

Rutgers-Newark School of Criminal Justice - NJ-STEP program

The New Jersey Scholarship and Transformative Education in Prisons (NJ-STEP) program is a consortium of higher education institutions housed at Rutgers University-Newark’s School of Criminal Justice that works with the New Jersey Department of Corrections and State Parole Board to provide courses for students while they are incarcerated, and to assist in their transition to college life upon release from prison, including through transferring academic credits and admitting them to classes on campus to continue their education. The program is funded with grants from private companies and philanthropic partners with the state Department of Corrections and State Parole Board. Some former inmates in the NJ-STEP program have returned to prison as tutors to complete community service requirements and assist current inmates.

While at Rutgers, the President took part in a roundtable with the following formerly incarcerated individuals:

·         Dquan Rosario, ReNew program participant

·         Amarilis Diamond-Rodriguez, former NJ-STEP student at Rutgers University

·         Terry Williams, Integrity House resident

The following individuals – who work firsthand on re-entry and rehabilitation – were also included in the roundtable:

·         Kevin Egli, U.S. Probation Officer

Kevin Egli supervises the reentry court participants in the ReNew program and brings 10 years of experience as a federal probation officer and five years as a state probation officer, including more than three years working in state drug court.

·         Judge Madeline Cox Arleo

Madeline Cox Arleo is a federal judge for the United States District Court for the District of New Jersey, where she oversees the ReNew reentry court program.

·         Bryant Coles, Pastor, New Psalmist Worship Center

Bryant Coles has battled drug addiction and has two children who faced significant barriers to reentry after their incarcerations.  He currently serves as the Pastor of New Psalmist Worship Center and mentors individuals who have been released from incarceration.

·         David Forem, President, Forem Facility Management

David Forem is President of Forem Facility Management, a family business that operates Newark-area warehouse facilities for food distribution companies. Forem works with area halfway houses to recruit formerly incarcerated individuals for employment.

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