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The Rev. Leo J. Donovan, president emeritus of Georgetown University, delivered a homily lauding Beau Biden for his personal and professional accomplishments. He asked at one point, “How do you say goodbye to the finest man that any of us have ever known?”

Dozens of attendees took communion as the St. Anthony Parish Choir and the Northern Delaware Chapter of the Gospel Music Workshop of America sang songs including “Amazing Grace,” “On Eagle’s Wings,” “Here is Our Praise” and “Be Not Afraid.” The gospel choir gave a particularly lively rendition of “Here is Our Praise.”

U.S. Army General Raymond Odierno spoke of how he expected Beau Biden to be president one day, and had urged him to run for his father’s Senate seat when Joe Biden became vice president. “Frankly, he was selfless to a fault,” Odierno said. “He had a natural charisma that few people possess.”

Odierno urged attendees that we should all “find the best in people and dedicate our lives to making the world a better place. Do this, and Beau Biden will live in all of us, and will never be forgotten.”

Obama started speaking at approximately 12:10 pm. He was visibly moved during his remarks, sniffling at times.

Here are some quotes, please check the quotes against the transcript:

“Beau Biden was an original. A good man. A man of character. A man who loved deeply, and was loved in return.”

To the Biden family, the president said, “We are here to grieve with you, but more importantly, we are here because we love you.”

“That little boy made a very grown up decision: He would live a life of meaning. He would live for others. He would ask God for broader shoulders.”

“From his dad he learned how to get back up after life knocked him down.”

“He learned how to make everybody else feel like we matter—because his dad taught him that everybody matters."

Beau Biden was "an upgrade" of the vice president, Obama said. "Joe 2.0."

When he was caught with a friend speeding once and the police officer wanted to give him a warning because he admired his father’s work. Obama said, “Beau made him write that ticket. Beau didn’t trade on his name.

“The cruelty he endured in his life didn’t make him hard, it made him compassionate. It made him empathetic.”

Obama said that it is now easy to get a name for yourself “if you’re loud enough, or controversial.” enough

“But to get that name mean something, to have it associated with dignity and integrity, that is rare. There is no shortcut to get it… But if you do right by your children, maybe you can pass it on.

“That’s who built this country. That’s who built it, families like Beau’s.”

"He did in 46 years what most of us couldn’t do in 146. He left nothing in the tank.”

“We’ve become part of the Biden clan.. Joe, you are my brother.”

Of Beau’s presence and dedication, Obama said to his family, “The world noticed. They noticed. They felt it.”

“Beau Biden brought to his work a mighty heart. Beau Biden brought to his family a mighty heart… What a good man.”

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