Fw: Travel Pool Report #7 — More on Najib / POTUS meeting

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Subject: Travel Pool Report #7 — More on Najib / POTUS meeting

We’ve had some technical difficulties this evening, but here’s a bit more on the Najib/POTUS meeting, specifically the part that appeared to be about the discussion about the issues surrounding Najib and the activities of his government:


We also talked about general development. I explained the current situation in Malaysia. President also raised certain of his views, and we are taking into account some of his views, some of his concerns. But malaysia is committed to reforms and we are commited to ensuring at the same time there is peace and stability in malaysia


We talked about the importance of civil society and issues, not just in Malaysia but in the region in general, and how we can promote those values that will encourage continued development and opportunity and prosperity. I very much appreciate this conversation. I think it was constructive.


Michael D. Shear
White House Correspondent
The New York Times

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