Fw: Travel Pool Report #7 — TPP Photo and meeting w/ remarks

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Subject: Travel Pool Report #7 — TPP Photo and meeting w/ remarks

At just after 12:15 pm local time, your pool was walked into a room where the 12 leaders of the TPP countries, including POTUS, very briefly posed for a picture before heading into a meeting to discuss the trade deal.

Potus stood in the middle of 11 counterparts, lined up in front of each of their country's flag. (on the USA flag was in the wrong spot, to the far right of where Obama was standing). On Obama's right was Malaysia's Najib Razak and to his left was Mexico's Enrique Pena Nieto. The leaders waved their right hands to the cameras and reporters in the back of the room and after about 30 seconds they broke and walked to another room to start their work session, as the pool was ushered out.

After the photo, your pool was ushered quickly into a larger room where the leaders were sitting at a u-shaped table, with POTUS seated at the head of the table. Michael Froman, the US Trade Rep, was seated next to POTUS, who made brief remarks. Please check quotes against the

POTUS thanked the leaders of the 12 TPP countries for working to negotiate what he called a "landmark" agreement.

He said TPP "is at the heart of our shared vision for the future of this dynamic region."

He noted that the 12 countries represent 40 percent of global GDP and 1/3 of global trade.

"This is the highest-standard and most progressive trade deal ever negotiated."

POTUS added: "These are enforceable provisions that can be brought to bear."

He said "execution is critical" and added that "This is not easy to do. The politics of any trade deal is difficult."

Note: Thanks to David Nakamura for help on this pool report and on the one this morning after the Aquino billet.


Michael D. Shear
White House Correspondent
The New York Times

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