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Addis Ababa
July 26, 2015

AF1 ‎was wheels down in Addis Ababa at 4:58pm.

President Obama stepped off the plane at 6:06pm to a light rain. He was greeted at the foot of the st‎airs by two little girls holding bouquets of flowers that were bigger than their heads.

There were other greeters. Will send names later.

The song playing on the radio ‎is "Ba-rack O-ba-ma...O-ba-ma...‎ O-ba-ma..." over and over and over again.

‎Motorcade was rolling through what's become a steady rain. The streets were largely empty. Some Ethiopians with umbrellas or ponchos were standing along the streets hoping to see POTUS. Others stood in the rain, carrying signs welcoming POTUS or waving American and Ethiopian flags.

Many people were wearing white T-shirts‎ that said "Welcome President Obama" and feature his official White House photo.

There were images of Obama posted around the city o the motorcade route.

Motorcade arrived at the American embassy at 6:32pm. Mr. Obama is meeting with embassy staff. It's closed press. Pool is holding in vans.

Carol Lee
The Wall Street Journal

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