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‎At 12:34 pool was brought into the area of administrative offices for the convention center. It was the top of POTUS's meeting with President Santos.

‎Pool walked past a series of cubicles to where POTUS and Mr. Santos were seated in a makeshift room. The walls were dark blue curtains known as "pipe and drape."

‎Mr. Obama's chair was in front of the Colombian flag. Mr. Santos' chair in front of American flag.

There were two white cloth chairs next to each, pushed back in a corner of the fake room. Presumably for translators.

They were seated next to each other in cream colored chairs with patterned stripes in a deeper brown and wood edging‎. There was a small table with an arrangement of white roses on it. Small US and Colombia delegations seated on side of their respective leaders, facing each other. ‎There was a dark wooden table between them that had another flower arrangement on it.

Seated on a couch next to them, in order: Susan Rice, Ben Rhodes, Roberta Jacobson, Deputy Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere, and Ricardo Zuniga, director of Western Hemispheric Affairs for the NSC.

Mr. Obama spoke first. He congratulated Mr. Santos on trying to bring an end to violence that has been going on "too long." Mr. Santos was, he said, "doing the right thing"

Mr. Santos spoke in English. "We are proud to be considered your strategic partner," he said. He called Mr. Obama's decision to restore relations with Cuba a "tremendous step" that everyone in the region appreciates.‎

'I want to congratulate you again for you courage in taking steps to normalize relations with Cuba," Mr. Santos said. He said it will have "very positive repercussions" for relations between the Americas.

Mr. Santos said relations with US at "best level ever." He added US-Colombia relations today a "very very rich agenda" that is not just about drugs etc.

They shook hands at the end‎. Thanks to Andrew Beatty for the assist.

Pool is holding for the family photo.

Carol Lee
The Wall Street Journal

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